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Plug-N-Run Services

USA Financial Plug-N-Run

USA Financial Plug-N-Run is home to USA Financial's exclusive legendary collection of proven successful and compliant Plug-N-Run® marketing and technology solutions. We offer protected access and availability to a multitude of pioneering and revolutionary tools. Plug-N-Run's affiliation with the all USA Financial affiliates, allows us to create a seamless, turnkey atmosphere and added layer of professionalism with an eye toward proper compliance and protection.

While most other Wholesale Insurance Distribution firms are little more than recruiting head hunters trying to cram products and carriers down an Advisors throat... Plug-N-Run® believes that most carrier product lines have become heavily commoditized and what is "truly for sale" is the expertise of the Advisor who’s working with the consumer. With this guiding philosophy, our strategic-focus is on providing Plug-N-Run® Advisor Advancement Systems that help Advisors build-their-business in an intelligent, entrepreneurial manner. It’s fair to say, we all earn the lion’s share of our revenue on the sale of these commoditized products, but the key to success is in first properly establishing an "Expert Trusted Advisor" relationship with the consumer.

Our Advisor Advancement tools, solutions, and strategies include:

Click on the links below to learn more details about each individual tool/service:

Asset Cycle Portfolio System

Asset Cycle Portfolio System®

Fill-The-Room Seminar System

Fill-The-Room® “Live” Seminar System

Presentation Builder

Presentation Builder - Custom Built Power Point Presentations

Audio Visitor Library

Audio Visitor® Topical Library

Plug-N-Run News

Plug-N-Run® News

Annuity Lead Generation

Annuity Lead Generation

Audio Visitor Interview

Audio Visitor® Personal Interview

Chain of Secrets

Chain-of-Secrets® Mastermind Forum

One-On-One Performance Consulting

One-On-One Performance Consulting

Legendary Trade Secrets Discovery Day

Legendary Trade Secrets Discovery Day

Monthly Audio Series

Advisor Advancement Audio Series Library

AdvisorGEEK Website Packages

Advisor Website Packages

Fascinating Financial Facts

Fascinating Financial Facts®

Topical Consumer Reports

Topical Consumer Reports

Company Brochures and Referral Pieces

Company Brochures and Referral Pieces

Radio Marketing and Lead Generation

Radio Marketing and Lead Generation

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